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EREnews: Luglio – Agosto - Settembre 2016

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Rendiamo disponibile il nuovo numero di "European Religious Education", la newsletter dedicata all’educazione religiosa in Europa, a cura dal prof. Flavio Pajer.
News, documenti, eventi e bibliografia sulla gestione del fattore religioso nello spazio pubblico educativo e accademico in Europa.


The aim of EREnews, quarterly multilingual electronic newsletter published since 2003, is to friendly inform about events, documents, publications related to the religions and beliefs managing in the public educational and academic space in Europe.
News are authenticated only by their source; abstracts are generally on the responsibility of their Authors or Publishers.
Our subscribers belong to all European linguistic areas: therefore all texts are mentioned, whenever possible, in their original language. The opinions expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent opinion of editorial Office.
Subscribers may suggest links of important events or significant academic publications from their own Countries.
EREnews is also freely available on numerous specialized websites and their own archives. Everybody is free to subscribe or cancel at any moment just contacting the Editor. This file does not contain pictures and it is virus free (NOD32antivirus). Many thanks to the Contributors on this issue, particularly to: Google Scholar Service, ICLRS Service, Sérgio Junqueira, Sylvia Lehmann, Melanie Rathe, Graham Rossiter, Eva Spizzo, Gabriella Vona, and to Publishers: Ashgate-Routledge, Brill, Council of Europe, Il Mulino, Waxmann.

The Editor, Flavio Pajer: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
Biblioteca per le Scienze Religiose, Corso Trapani, 25, I-10139 Torino, EU

Da qui puoi scaricare EREnews, vol. XIII (2015) 4, 1-32
(finito di stampare il 27/09/2016 - prossimo numero: 31/12/2016)

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